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Loterija Slovenije



Loterija Slovenije is the largest operator of lottery games in Slovenia. We provide lottery games for more than 50 years.



We strive to ensure that lottery games in Slovenia are fun and safe, that players and the general public trust them and that their proceeds are used to fund disability, humanitarian and sports organisations.



Our games will become part of the popular culture in Slovenia. People will love to play them and all segments of society will accept them as safe and having a charitable objective.



  • Proactivity

We are a company that leads by example. We take responsibility for our actions, think outside the box and are always flexible in introducing innovations and changes.


  • Caring

We are aware of our influence as the main organiser of games of chance. We organise our games according to the highest standards. We know how to listen and always do our best to understand. We propose fair solutions and respect the interests of players, the recipients of concession funds, our employees and owners, and society at large.


  • Transparency

We are a company of people with integrity: we say what we think and do what we say. Our motives, messages and actions are always ethical. We come up with transparent solutions to maintain a well-regulated environment distinguished by compliance with the highest quality standards in the organisation of games of chance.


Fulfilment of Social Responsibility

We are aware of the strategic advantages of a socially responsible approach to business operations. Social responsibility is therefore interwoven into all levels of our company's management, business processes and development of business ethics.

Commitment to the socially responsible organisation of games of chance is a key pillar of the corporate social responsibility of Loterija Slovenije, which encompasses responsibility to all participants and is the fundamental guide of all employees.


Sales Programme

Our gaming products focus mainly on national Lotto and international game Eurojackpot, but also include scratch tickets and electronic games.


Sales Network

We sell lottery games at 1,092 sales outlets: complete sales programme at 835 sales outlets (specialised sales outlets, Petrol gas stations, post offices) and part of sales programme / instant tickets at 257 sales outlets (tobacco shops, post offices).

Each sales outlet offering a complete range of our games covers on average 2,400 inhabitants.


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